Norman is the fifth gym leader and he is from petalburg city.He is your dad in this game. He specializes in normal-type Pokemon. He first will tell you and greet you to come here from Littleroot Town by the help your starter then Wally Will and come ask for a Pokemon and ask somebody to do so. Wally a Zizagon of LV7. You will automatically follow wally as someone tells you he will catch a ralts of LV 5. After telling thank you to you and someone he will leave and Norman will tell you to go to Rustboro city and get your first badge and he will only battle you when you get four badges.After defeating the forth gym leader he will accept a battle with you. Now heal and buy some super potions and awakings if you have your high level starters it shall be easy to make things more easy get a Hariyama or Mahita or Meditite it shall be done a LV2, 32+Fighting type shall be as easy as chewing a gum.


Pokemon Level Type Slaking 28 Normal
Vigoroth 30 Normal
Slaking 31 Normal

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